What can participants see in my hunting area? (Hunt Event)

What your guests see in your hunting area depends on whether the hunt is about to take place, is taking place (i.e. is live) or has taken place.

Before the hunt:

  • Stands
  • Area boundaries

During the hunt:

  • Stands
  • Area boundaries
  • Hunting related sightings, harvests and pictures

After the hunt:

  • Sightings, harvests and pictures taken during the hunt (but they will no longer have access to the area itself)

Always visible (as long as the hunt has not been abandoned):

  • Guest names and profiles

Your guests have no access to further information from your hunting area, with the exception of the points described above. They will only see sightings/harvests that were created during the hunt and after the hunt event, they no longer have access to your hunting area, including stands and hunting ground boundaries.

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