What are the advantages of being a pro-member compared to a free user?

Function Pro User
Free User

Organise hunts,
incl. inviting of guests, setting a meeting point, assigning stands to guests

🟢 🔴

Start a hunt event (without inviting guests)

🟢 🟢

Be invited to and participate in hunt events

🟢 🟢

Navigation to the meeting point (e.g. with Google Maps or Apple Maps)

🟢 🟢

View all stands in the hunting area (as a participant of the hunt event)

🟢 🟠*
*limited to the stands available in the free version
Sharing of the GPS location 🟢 🟢
View live locations of all hunt event participants 🟢 🔴
Live chat function 🟢 🟠*
*Limited to reading (creating/writing messages not available)
Check-in in highseats/stands 🟢 🔴
Being assigned to a highseat/stand 🟢 🟢
Adding pictures to sightings/harvests 🟢 🟢
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