How do I take out the Pro group subscription?

To access our group rate, you can click the following link:

This is how it works:
1. You take out the group membership for yourself and your members.
2. We send the codes to unlock the pro version for your district members to your profile after purchase.
3. You distribute the codes to your members, who then activate the Pro version free of charge.
Existing, current annual Pro memberships are automatically taken into account during the booking process and additional discounts are implemented to reflect payments already made.

Here is a more detailed explanation:

Scroll down on the pricing page to the group pricing calculator. Click on the number for how many hunters you want to subscribe and then on "Choose plan".


This view will open. Feel free to choose a hunting ground - but this is not mandatory - and the number of people. Then click on "Get started". You then have the option of deleting members from your area and inviting "external" members.


You can then enter the e-mail addresses of your hunters and click on "Calculate price".


Afterwards, your group rate will be paid and is then active.
By the way: The Pro version is not only valid for your hunting ground, but every single user has a complete Pro version for all hunting grounds.

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