How can I use the MyHunt App if I am not a hunting ground owner/co-owner/leaseholder?

The MyHunt application is a tool not only for area owners but also for non-district owners. If you are a guest or only hunt from time to time, the MyHunt App is a great way to document your trips.

  • Record your harvests and favourite Points of Interest (POIs) on your Private Map
  • View your shooting history in your hunting diary
    • Add the location of your harvest
    • Add pictures of your harvest
    • Link your shot-position to your harvest-position
    • Add the cause of death (shot or fallen game)
    • Add your favourite POIs
    • View the weather from your shooting day at the shooting location
  • Add your Gear
    • Weapon
    • Ammunition
  • Add important documents, with validity and expiry dates
    • Hunting licence
    • Weapons licence
    • Or other

Even without your own hunting ground, the MyHunt App allows you to document everything about your hunt. We are constantly developing our app, so you can always expect new and improved functions.


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