General information about a MyHunt app subscription

Subscription information:

You can try the “MyHunt” Pro Version for 30 days on a one-off basis. Select whichever subscription model you prefer for this (12 or 3 months or 1 month).

- When the free trial month has finished, the subscription model you selected, which is subject to a charge, starts automatically if you do not cancel/deactivate the subscription 24 hours before the end of the trial month at the latest.

- When you cancel the subscription, all the content you have created in the Pro Version is shown in a generic format but is not deleted. If you choose to re-subscribe, your individual content will be restored.

- Subscription duration: 12 or 3 months or 1 month, depending on which option you select.

- The subscription is extended automatically if the automatic extension is not deactivated 24 hours before the end of the subscription at the latest.

- Subscriptions and automatic extensions can be managed directly in the settings of the Apple iTunes user account and/or the Google PlayStore user account.

- The payment is made using the payment method you have set up in your Apple iTunes and/or Google PlayStore user account.

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