How can I install the app on my PC / Is there a PC version?

MyHunt is not only available as an app for your smartphone, but also as a PC/web version. You can log in directly to the PC/Web version using the login data you know from the Hunting Companion app. There is no need to install the app on your PC or laptop, it is started directly via the internet browser of your choice (optimised for Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge).

The PC/Web version is the perfect complement to our app solution. Here, you can manage your hunting grounds together from the comfort of your own home. In addition, the significantly larger screen on the PC and laptop helps you to set detailed hunting ground boundaries or your hunting facilities.

The PC/Web version is 100% synchronised with the app solution, which means that no matter on which platform you change something, these changes are applied and are immediately visible.

This also applies to the Pro membership - regardless of whether you book it via the PC/web version or directly via the Google PlayStore or Apple App Store on your smartphone - you always get full access to all Pro functions across all platforms.

Access to the PC web version at:

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