How the One World Map Works

Why we Created the One World Map?

The One World Map helps you have an overview of all your huntings areas at a glance. Before the One World Map, hunters with multiple areas couldn’t see them all on one map, they had to switch between their areas, often losing context or continuity.

Now with the One World Map, it is possible to view all (or a chosen selection of) your hunting areas and their details in a single view. Furthermore, we have implemented a simple to use filter so you can see exactly what you want to see, when you want to see it.


How the One World Map Works: 

  • Active/selected areas are shown with green borders , inactive/unselected areas are shown with white borders
  • All Pins of the active area are shown in full colour, Pins of inactive areas are shown in a semi-transparent form



How to Navigate Between Areas: 

  • Press somewhere into the empty section of an Area (i.e. not a POI) to select it, or use the Area menu behind the accordion menu
  • You can also navigate via the Area Switcher at the top

Navigate between areas.gif


How to Activate / Deactivate Areas:

  • Use the accordion menu to navigate to the Area Overview
  • The accordion menu always shows the content of the active area
  • A checkmark means it is activated
  • An empty circle means it is deactivated

Activate or Deactivate Areas.gif








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